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  • Erik Krause
    Jul 3, 2011
      Am 03.07.2011 20:20, schrieb Hans:
      > Well this is a quite common problem and its old as focal plain
      > shutters has existed. Which means it is soon a 100 anniversary as
      > the first Leica was in 1913.

      > Almost all shutters today are vertical which means horizontal when
      > you take the images in portrait.

      > As I said the difference in exposure to make this is minimal only 10%
      > is enough as no automatic exposure or vignetting correction helps.

      Matt, what exposure time did you use? Hans is right about the shutter
      speed differences. However, this effect gets worse if you use shorter
      exposures. If you use longer exposures where the total opening time of
      the shutter is much longer than the actual shutter movement it shouldn't
      play a role anymore.

      The time one shutter needs to move is approximately half the shortest
      time that still allows flash exposure (with a conventional flash - no
      tricks like high speed sync). The reason is, that the shutter needs to
      be fully open before the flash fires and only after that can the closing
      curtain start.

      So if you shoot at this exposure time (or slower) you shouldn't get the
      effect. However, additional care must be taken to avoide camera shake at
      slow speeds with long lenses...

      Erik Krause
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