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  • dorindxn
    Jul 2, 2011
      Yes, Erik is absolutelly right the stitched 3D panoramas are more difficult than the stitchless,

      Before to do the stitchless 3D panos with two cameras, back in march 2008, I presented here
      my idea to take 3D panoramas with a single camera and NodalNinja 3, at that time I was producing only the stitched kind of 3D panos.


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Erik Krause <erik.krause@...> wrote:
      > Am 02.07.2011 01:11, schrieb markgambier:
      > > New to the group here and looking for some tips on getting started.
      > Welcome!
      > > - Which stitchware do people recommend for a novice photographer/pano
      > > maker? This is going to be a hobby, not a profession. But I don't
      > > want to work with dated, low-level software that lacks some decent
      > > capabilities and features either.
      > If you are going to stitch spherical panoramas you are limited to a
      > small number of programs: hugin, PTGui, autopano pro and Autodesk
      > Stitcher are the main ones. I guess most members here use hugin and PTGui.
      > > - What is the best number of photos to take and at what angle to make
      > > a good 360 x 360 spherical pano?
      > There is nothing like a 360°x360° spherical. 360° by 180° define a
      > sphere completely. The number of images you need depends on the used
      > lens and camera. The best tradeoff between number of images and final
      > resolution you get with a fisheye lens which covers the full frame of
      > your particular camera. This would be about 10mm focal length for a
      > APS-C sized DSLR or about 15mm for a full frame DSLR. There are fisheye
      > adapters for compact cameras as well.
      > > - I want to shoot the inside of a 60' by 30'room with a 12' ceiling.
      > > Do I just need to make sure there is plenty of overlap from side to
      > > side and top to bottom for each picture?
      > You need to use a well set up spherical panorama head (a pan-tilt head)
      > in order to shoot all images from the same point (called the
      > no-parallax-point). Otherwise you get parallax between adjacent images
      > which will give you a hard time stitching the images or render the
      > result even completely unusable.
      > > - Is some stitchware better for spherical panos vs cylinder?
      > There are numerous panorama stitchers but only the above mentioned are
      > versatile enough to stitch all kinds of panoramas - including spherical.
      > > Also, does anyone have any experience in 3D/anaglyph (red/cyan)
      > > panos? I have a FujiFilm 3D Stereo W1 camera which is pretty much a
      > > point and shoot and have seen 3D panos before. Think it would be fun
      > > to make.
      > 3D spherical panoramas are a challenge, at least the stitched variant
      > (Dorin has developped a way to use them stitchless). Definitely nothing
      > for the beginner. But once you have managed to get reasonable results
      > with normal sphericals you can find much knowledge here. Especially Wim
      > Koorneef has a lot of experience.
      > As a starting point perhaps you have a look at: http://wiki.panotools.org/
      > A nice collection of tutorials can be found on
      > http://www.johnhpanos.com/tuts.htm
      > and specifically for PTGui on
      > http://www.ptgui.com/examples/
      > Have fun
      > --
      > Erik Krause
      > http://www.erik-krause.de
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