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50401Re: Anyone use a small netbook with remote software?

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  • Andrew
    Jun 30, 2011
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      Hi Bostjan.

      I'm sure you know what it's like carrying all your gear around either on a job or while on holiday. The netbook (with additional software) acts as something to control the bracketing that Canon decided to leave off the 5D MK II, it's 250gb hard drive is a peace of mind backup drive as I always like duplicates of raw files until the 360 image is completed, and the regular laptop can stay at home as I can also check emails and browse the web.

      Plus you have a larger 'live view' on the netbook screen.

      Thankfully the popularity of tablets is bringing the netbook prices down to under $250 and some of these tablets are heavier than the netbooks.

      Sacha also mentioned the Promote Remote earlier for $300 that looks excellent but unfortunately is a one task device so even more to carry.

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