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  • Ken Warner
    Jun 2, 2011
      I suggest that a compact camera and a fisheye adapter is not really a good
      way to go. With the higher resolution of modern compact cameras, the flaws
      of any fisheye adapter will be magnified. Soft edges with lots of CA is
      what you can expect.

      I have an LX3 which is one of the best compacts and I tried it with both
      the Nikon fisheye lens adapters -- the FC-e8 and FC-e9 and the results were
      not useable even with 6 around.

      You can get good wide angle lenses for compacts. Panasonic makes a very good
      wide angle converter, the DMW LW46 which makes about a 18mm lens. You can
      do 3x6 around and get very good results.

      I've put a lot of thought into trying to figure out a compact+fisheye that would give you
      a 4 to 6 + nadir or zenith and currently I don't think there is such a combo
      that is worth bothering with.

      I haven't put my hands on a Sony or G series Panasonic. I'm very interested
      in both. They are about the same size as a compact. Just can't afford them
      so I stick with multi-row panos on my LX3.

      wjhall2303 wrote:
      > Depending on how small you want to go (and the quality you seek), you could indeed go for a P+S with fish-eye adapter. Higher end P+S have raw capabilities, or with CHDK you may be able to access raw images on cameras with no native raw support. Fish-eye adapters are definitely available for some of these cameras. I couldn't recommend a particular setup or vouch for the quality as i haven't used such a setup. I have however used CHDK with much success and know it can enable raw. I guess it's up to you to decide where the balance between size and quality lays.
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, web@... wrote:
      >> I've been using a D300 and D700 for my panoramas, but am looking for something smaller and lighter for 360s, preferably with raw file storage and video, for remote trips where weight (and saving my back) are a priority. Something like a high-end point and shoot with a fisheye adapter is what I'm thinking of. I've only done a quick search thus far and came across the Lumix fisheye and the GF2 body is the sort of size I'm looking for, but I know nothing about them or how well 360s turn out with it. Any suggestions or links to prior discussions would be appreciated; feel free to contact me directly as well.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Matt
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