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48912Re: Unethical advertising incentives?

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  • Bruce Hemming
    Apr 1 12:16 AM
      Just received the digest so I am on the end of this thread. Having
      attended a seminar which included social media marketing only the
      other night I take my hat off to Matt for creative and original
      thinking with this promotion. I can't see anything wrong with it at
      all. Yes, I do own an original model - pre Absolute - and have made
      supportive comments prior to this. Speaking of ethics, I removed
      myself from a forum which for years provided a platform for anti 360
      Precision comments while at the same time permitting thread hi-jacking
      and puffs for competitors - it was the only option to show disapproval
      as the forum owner would not act to moderate. All water under the
      bridge - and off Matt's back I suspect. I just don't understand why
      people foam at the mouth on forums over topics like these ( Mac v PC
      for a prime example) they are only tools of our trade for God's sake.

      Bruce Hemming
      Bruce Hemming Photography

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