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48441Re: [PanoToolsNG] OT - tbseller.com - Chinese electronics retail, scam or true?

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  • Roger D. Williams
    Mar 3, 2011
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      Sorry, I see that this post was ambiguous and possibly misleading.

      On Fri, 04 Mar 2011 11:35:46 +0900, Roger D. Williams
      <roger@...> wrote:

      > On Fri, 04 Mar 2011 09:50:20 +0900, wilster <willbrown@...>
      > wrote:
      >> Maybe that is so they can steal your credit card number perhaps? I
      >> looked online for a review of them and found a website that had glowing
      >> reviews that were full of misspellings and obvious grammatical errors.
      >> http://ask.alibaba.com/Q/804356834-I-want-to-know-TBsellercom.html
      >> I wouldn't trust them.
      >> Will
      > The Japanese media have been full of an Alibaba scandal recently, in
      > which an Alibaba executive cooperated with a number of vendors who
      > use this site to defraud customers. Maybe this site is a part of that

      The first "this" refers to the entire Alibaba site. The second
      "this" refers to the improbable bargain site.

      > operation?
      > Initially I wondered if they might be selling bankrupt stock or
      > remainders... when I checked their Nikon offerings they were
      > largely for the D300, which has been replaced by the D300s for
      > some time (at least here in Japana--assume so elsewhere). But
      > then I saw an iPad for about half price. THAT seems quite
      > impossible unless the Chinese manufacturer is diverting stuff
      > from Apple, in which case how could the guarantee and support
      > work? The hardware is clearly and uniquely identified. Apple
      > would be bound to recognize this was a pirated product.


      Work: www.adex-japan.com
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