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48440Re: [PanoToolsNG] OT - tbseller.com - Chinese electronics retail, scam or true?

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  • Roger D. Williams
    Mar 3, 2011
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      On Fri, 04 Mar 2011 09:50:20 +0900, wilster <willbrown@...> wrote:

      > Maybe that is so they can steal your credit card number perhaps? I
      > looked online for a review of them and found a website that had glowing
      > reviews that were full of misspellings and obvious grammatical errors.
      > http://ask.alibaba.com/Q/804356834-I-want-to-know-TBsellercom.html
      > I wouldn't trust them.
      > Will

      The Japanese media have been full of an Alibaba scandal recently, in
      which an Alibaba executive cooperated with a number of vendors who
      use this site to defraud customers. Maybe this site is a part of that

      Initially I wondered if they might be selling bankrupt stock or
      remainders... when I checked their Nikon offerings they were
      largely for the D300, which has been replaced by the D300s for
      some time (at least here in Japana--assume so elsewhere). But
      then I saw an iPad for about half price. THAT seems quite
      impossible unless the Chinese manufacturer is diverting stuff
      from Apple, in which case how could the guarantee and support
      work? The hardware is clearly and uniquely identified. Apple
      would be bound to recognize this was a pirated product.

      Caveat emptor!

      Roger W.

      Work: www.adex-japan.com
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