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  • Jim Watters
    Feb 2, 2011
      When this thread was started with "Be prepared to be depressed" I started to
      ignore it.


      But Google has done something here that no others (or very few) have.
      I find the navigation from spot to spot easily to follow.
      With most panorama tours I am constantly getting lost. You click on an arrow
      and you have no idea where you are anymore. With the small increments presented
      with the Art Project, like with Google Street View, combined with the slide-zoom
      to next frame, it is easy to navigate.

      I do wish that Google would allow viewers to change from click and drag to click
      and point navigation but that is another argument. But it does cause many miss
      clicks switching nodes when I don't want to.

      And there is an option to view it in 3D.

      The Ladybug 3 is not the best quality for a multicamera pano setup but it is a
      small professional self contained product that can be purchased easily with
      enough money.

      Even a motorized pano head would be very time consuming shooting all these panos.

      It is a shame that the quality of the panoramas do not show the same quality
      that the individual images of the art work have. I am sure the Ladybug 3 is
      capable of much better quality. But I don't have one. Maybe it was on video
      mode and not image mode. Maybe if a motorized cart was moving it around instead
      of a person and it paused at each shot to take the best quality image. If the
      Ladybug 3 is capable of better quality you would think that as the photographer
      moved from location to location the quality would get better.

      There are parallax errors in the stitched images. That if there scripts were
      calibrated again for close quarters of inside a gallery I am sure most would

      Personally I really like the multi-spot tour in each room. It wont be long
      until the spots disappear and viewer will be immersed into a room with full
      navigation. Being able to walk to any spot. I forget the names of any software
      that can already do this. But I am sure Google will be the first to mass
      produce this.

      I do find that viewing galleries online do not require visiting room to room. A
      gallery is more about the art work than the layout and architecture. But there
      are many other places that navigating like this would be cool.

      I find myself using Google Street View all the time when I look up any new
      address. Having this kind of database of panoramas to look up nearly any
      address is amazing.

      Another company that has combined panorama and movement is NeuStep
      The image quality is not much better. They used a single shot system that
      eliminates the nadir and zenith. And the Observer is limited to follow the path
      of the photographer. you can change paths but only where they cross.

      Look at iWave has done with Ladybugs.

      Jim Watters
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