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47816Re: [PanoToolsNG] Camera pole plans/design specs?

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  • Jim Watters
    Feb 1, 2011
      On 2011-01-31 10:41 AM, Peter wrote:
      > Do you have plans or design specs for a home-made pole on which I can mount a DSLR with fisheye lens and take VRs with a remote shutter release? Care to share it here?
      I still use the paint brush holder that is an accessory for the painters pole to
      hold my camera on the pole.

      With the distance to subject that using a pole creates it is not as important to
      have the camera exactly on the NPP. For balancing on the top of the pole it is
      better to position the camera so it is at the center of gravity.

      I am using a Fullframe camera and 10mm fisheye. 6, +1, +1 . Camera & lens that
      capture full circle will have a different setup and are more forgiving.

      I found that rotating the camera 30°, and tilting down a bit to capture most of
      the the nadir caused more problems than it fixed. I always captured a separate
      nadir shot anyway.

      Particularly for crowd scenes where you want to get most of the nadir as fast as
      possible, tilt the camera down a bit but do not rotate the camera.

      Two options to fill in the zenith.
      1 - Lower the camera, tilt it up 90° and raise it again.
      2 - If the camera is tilted down a bit and not too tall, step aside, with pole
      at an angle raise the camera to original position, shoot nadir and zenith. If
      the camera was tilted more than a few degrees then it might be necessary to take
      two zenith shots to fill in the whole.

      For triggering the camera I use a wireless remote that comes in two parts,
      transmitter and receiver, has a range of 100 meters.

      Jim Watters
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