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47793Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Future of VR Panoramas - WAS: Apple dropped QTVR > VRP

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  • Bostjan Burger
    Jan 31, 2011
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      My goal to shot VRPs is to use them as an e-learning tool. From that point of
      view I needed to use Slovene as a prime language. When I started with VRPs I
      couldn't imagine how I can use a term 'panorama' of a cave or interior as a
      small room. I liked the Immersive image more, so I started to think what name
      would be fine in Slovenian language. Technically the base for a Virtual Reality
      Panorama is a 360° panorama which is a flat 2D image. After the conversion into
      the display on a screen we get the feeling of the space and mental projection of
      the 3D image. But it is still only a 2D which tricks our mental projection as
      that we are in the middle of the space which visual information is projected
      from our nodal point (or no parallax point).
      I started with the name »Prostorska slika« which means »spatial image«. It
      sounds strange? Right? I shot quite a number of object VRs (OVRs) ten years ago
      and had a dilemma how to name that, so I was more precise with the term: '360°
      spatial image' and 'object spatial image'. Both terms are translated directly
      from Slovene to English just to get the idea. In English I use Virtual Reality
      Panorama (VRP) and Object Virtual Reality (OVP). I used that terms in a dozen of
      international geography symposiums and nobody argued against that terms… and
      believe me that geographers can be very critical with the terms. However I am
      not a photographer and don't consider a VRPs as a photography but more part of
      GIS when georeferenced. The camera is only a tool to me as it is a GPS which is
      a must have when shooting a VRP.
      The Slovenian term »Prostorska slika« is used as a standard since the late
      90-ies and I have noticed that is used also in some neighbor countries… at least
      among geographers.
      I would suggest, as Don proposed, the one worldwide term but not necessarily in
      What is a French term for a Virtual Reality Panorama? …or as example German?
      Most of VR technology and the support are coming from Europe... what something
      like Esperanto...latin? What about the largest world languages - Indian or
      Chinese (now I am prvoking ;) )

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