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47365Re: What is the actual Field of View?

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  • engstrom_henrik
    Jan 10, 2011
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      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Jim Watters <jwatters@...> wrote:
      > On 2011-01-07 7:03 PM, engstrom_henrik wrote:
      > > I am still not completely sure if I received an answer to my original question. That was if the hfov panotools report is the exact same angle as the physical camera sees - i.e. leftmost to rightmost pixel at the vertical center line. Or, if hfov is some virtual camera angle that needs to be radially compensated to get the physical angle. I am leaning to the latter, but am not 100% certain. If so, how shall one compensate the hfov to get the physical angle?
      > >
      > > Regards
      > > Henrik
      > The best way to have panotools optimize FoV is to take a 360 pano.
      > If you were to optimism HFoV but set the distortion values for abc at 0 then the
      > HFoV would be correct.
      > If the input images are in portrait then you could optimize HFoV and the abc
      > values and HFoV would be correct.
      > But if the input images are in landscape mode and there are values for abc then
      > the HFoV would be changed slightly from the abc values. Panotools maintains the
      > FoV on the shortest dimension when using abc distortion correction. When the
      > input images are in portrait the shortest dimension is also the HFoV so even
      > with optimizing distortion the HFoV will be the same.
      > Up till a couple days I never thought of this. Generally the difference in FoV
      > created by the distortion values are small and as long as I got a good finished
      > pano I did not care.
      > --
      > Jim Watters
      > http://photocreations.ca

      Thanks Jim,

      Your description of the portrait/landscape aspects makes perfect sense to me. If I find any more information on this subject I will post it here.

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