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47312Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: What is the actual Field of View?

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  • Jim Watters
    Jan 7, 2011
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      On 2011-01-06 7:27 PM, panovrx wrote:
      > Some lenses eg. the 10.5mm Nikkor on full frame can give you a good stitch with a fairly wide range of fov because of the magnification effects of a, b and c eg. from 190 to 200. So I usually force the optimizer to accept a fov of 196 and an a of -0.16 until towards the end of the optimisation process. Only after I iterate point pair elimination and get the error average down to 3 or 4 pixels do I start to optimise fov and a, b and c generally. But for many purposes a wide fov range of values might look ok with that lens.
      > PeterM
      Because of the way radial distortion maintains the FoV on the shortest
      dimension, if your images were rotated to portrait mode then I suspect the FoV
      would be more constant regardless of radial correction values.

      See recent discussion on Hugin's list.

      Jim Watters
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