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47255Re: What is the actual Field of View?

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  • engstrom_henrik
    Jan 5, 2011
      > Hej Henrik
      > Remember that the actual lens FOV and lens focal length also changes with focus.
      > Even a very small change in focus will change your setup so if you want to use a template for stitching it is neccesary to tape your focus at a fixed point.
      > And of course also the sensors are different and you have different sensor shift on each individual camera. That means if you want to stitch images from several cameras you have to use individual lensdata with individual shift optimizing.
      > Hans

      Hej Hans

      Thanks for pointing that out. I use fixed focal industrial-type lenses, so the focus and aperture can be tightly locked with individual screws.

      I thought I start with a small set of parameters (hfov and b) and see where it takes me, then add more parameters if necessary. I will use individual lens parameters for each camera.

      Since you brought this up, I have another related question. This paper:

      argues that the field of view varies with aperture. I have never really noticed this when working with video cameras. Do you know if this only concern close-up (macro type) applications, or also long-range applications? My type of work is typically in somewhat longer ranges, 50 meters and upwards. That could be why I never noticed this. If the lens is very small compared to the viewed scene, the effect might not be a problem. Does anyone know if this is a correct assumption?

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