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  • Roger D. Williams
    Jan 1 2:18 AM
      I have been steadily uploading panoramas to the Microsoft Photosynth
      site, and find the ability to upload directly from inside PhotoShop
      very convenient.

      I have only one serious dissatisfaction with the free service, and
      am puzzled by another aspect of it.

      I find the default field of view far too narrow, so my panoramas
      appear grainy and over-sharpened because they were prepared for
      a different, wider field of view. A couple of other minor faults
      have been solved in recent weeks, so it is obviously a "work in
      progress" and I hope this issue will soon by resolved. If the edit
      functions could include a "set the initial FOV" option that would
      solve it for me.

      The puzzling aspect is the monstrous size of the files! Today, for
      instance, I uploaded a 5,000 x 2,500 pixel panorama that even at
      the highest quality for JPEG files is only 6 or 7MB, but the file
      is 16.3MB in its Photosynth form. Others, with my more usual 8,000
      x 4,000 pixel dimensions, are typically 25MB or even 43MB! This is
      not an issue with 20GB of space available. At least, not yet. But
      it does seem rather, well, profligate.

      Photosynth also notifies me of upload progress in terms of files
      numbered 1 through 7. I wonder what is going on?

      Roger W. (Rogerama on Photosynth)

      PS Happy New Year, one and all!!

      Business: www.adex-japan.com
      Pleasure: www.usefilm.com/member/roger
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