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47154Best settings for autopano to connect all images?

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  • Manfred Kröger
    Dec 31, 2010
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      I'm trying to find the best settings for autopano but it's not that
      easy. I recently took a lot of pictures with different exposures to
      create HDR images. Not all of them have many details and PTGui and
      autopano quite often fail to find control points but since I don't use a
      tripod I found out that I get the best results if all overlapping images
      are linked by control points.

      Unfortunately PTGui does not support the user in creating that many
      control points. It can show me which pictures are overlapping and are
      not linked by control points. Ok, that's a first step but then I have to
      click on the link to the two images and afterwards I have to click on
      "Generate control points for images 1 and 2". That's not what I call the
      optimum workflow... PTGui knows which images are linked so it could run
      autopano on all those image pairs. But that would mean that autopano
      would have to find control points for the images multiple times (1 and
      2, 1 and 3, 2 and 3, 2 and 4, ...) which also is not the best way since
      it would take a long time.

      I would like to run autopano only once.

      I found out that autopano has can search for control points for all
      image pairs but I have not found out how to get this to work. There are
      too many other settings that have to be set.

      Currently I use these settings:

      /keys:4 /size:2500 /ransac_dist:40 /ransac_iter:2500000 /search:1

      I don't know where I found them but they work quite good for my pictures
      (Nikon D90).

      I know I have to change the search algorithm to 3. Has somebody tried
      this algorithm and found values for all the other settings that really work?

      Best regards,
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