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46574Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: samyang (rokinon) no metering on nikon?!

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  • Bernhard Vogl
    Nov 30, 2010
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      Jeffrey, i totally agree with Matthew and you! But unfortunately, the
      whole live is complicated and so is the task of selecting the "right"
      camera. And it's a big fatality if things are simplified just for the
      sake of looking simple.

      Having said that: At the moment, i have the honor/task to help my
      brother to select the "right" DSLR for his needs. His primary aim is to
      use it as a high quality movie camera, but with the option to have a
      good "classic" SLR with the option to use some prime lenses for specific
      tasks. I may be on the sure side to recommend a Canon, but since i have
      read many positive opinions about the new Panasonic GH2 in terms of
      having all the options you need to capture movies...

      So, BTW - if someone already has some experience with the new Panasonic,
      i'd really love to hear them!


      Am 29.11.2010 21:55, schrieb prague:
      > bernhard,
      > for the 2nd time in my life, i'll quote matthew rogers "you people make things more complicated than necessary" ;-)
      > there are 2 possibilities.
      > 1) your camera's light meter works if there is a lens on the camera or not. manual lenses are the same as no lens being on the camera, as far as your camera is concerned.
      > 2) your camera's light meter is disabled if no "approved lens" is detected on the camera.
      > canon is 1) and nikon (all but the expensive ones, i guess) is 2).
      > in terms of making shooting VR more popular, i.e. cheaper, i.e. buy a wonderful $250 samyang/rokinon/etc. fisheye, i will never recommend anyone use nikon. :( i mean really. after all these years i've finally convinced my dad to buy a fisheye lens to make panos, and the damn light meter in the camera won't work, because there is no "certified by nikon" chip in the lens? I mean, really!!!! :-(
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