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46Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Pano2QTVR and overlays

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  • Thomas Rauscher
    Jul 11, 2006
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      Hello yuv,

      on Wednesday, July 12, 2006, 00:17:08 you wrote:

      >> > I need to put an overlay over a QTVR.
      >> > Is there a way to achieve this with Pano2QTVR?
      >> Yes! Just go to "Additional Sprites" click "Add", select the file you
      >> want (JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF what ever), check visible and position it
      >> where ever you want.

      y> It works, but not exactly as intended. Tried with a 24bit PNG with
      y> transparency. The image is there but the transparency is... ehehm...
      y> very weird with some colors from the old background and stripes from
      y> the foreground.

      y> I tried with "transparent" and with "copy" as blend option. Any idea?

      I guess the transparent PNG is not working correct. A good way to do
      this things is to choose a color key for your overlay image, than set
      the blend mode to "transparent" and choose this color in the Color

      A small example:

      - draw the overlay image with white background
      - save it without alpha channel as PNG
      - import this image into Pano2QTVR as "additional sprite"
      - Check "visible"
      - Move the rectangle to the position where you want to have the image
      - Set blend mode to "transparent"
      - Select white in the "color" box

      that's it!

      I hope this helps.

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