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  • Andrei Zdetovetchi
    Oct 31, 2010
      When I first experienced that website, I was horrified. First by the weird vr
      player. It makes me to go away from the website, because of it's lack of
      usability and awful way of navigate. I don't understand why they had to reinvent
      the wheel, only to came up with an oval one instead of round. There are LOTS of
      way better pano players, and I'm convinced that the results of integrating those
      features as seen there, are much better. I started to browse every corner of
      MakingView website, trying to learn more about them. Too bad it's in norwegian
      but with a little help from google translate, I can understand mostly of it. I
      saw their examples of other virtual tours and projects, all of them using the
      same crappy vr player (myVR 3D Panorama Viewer). And I had the same reaction, to
      leave, because I did not feel good trying to navigate and experience those
      tours. But I guess I have a little dose of masochism in me, because I kept going
      :) I noticed that their panos are quite amateurish, with lots of stitching
      errors, exposure issues, CA issues, and of course nadir issues, like tripods or
      awful cloning patches.
      Sadly, I'm getting more and more convinced that the regular people, customers,
      those who watch our panoramas are not aware of this issues. The Wow! factor is
      too great for them, to notice all the issues we're debating over each others
      panoramas, trying to make them better and better. Only us are those who care...

      So digging into MakingView website, I started to realise that I envy them more
      and more. They have their own street view solution. They have powerfull
      partners. C3 Tech AB, a spinout of SAAB (I guess you all know who Saab is...),
      Nor Aviation (guess where from they have that heli) and others. They are
      involved in projects so big, that I'm still trying to wrap my mind around.
      Clearly they have access to powerful toys, too bad that their results looks too
      amateurish if you ask me.
      Happily, I found out that they use PangeaVR so if you want to watch their panos
      with a good viewer, try this: http://kunder.makingview.no/iphone/demo.xml
      Looking with my iPhone, I got into this pano
      http://kunder.finnfoto.no/iphone/trollstigen.jpg and confirmed me that they are
      using a street view like technology, to capture lots of panos from the
      helicopter. Gosh they practically have their own helicopter, how can I not envy
      them? :) And working for Visit Norway website (that website blew my mind since
      ~2 years ago)
      Somehow I wish to be in Norway and work with this company (my panos would be way
      better, LOL) ;)

      Best regards,
      Andrei Zdetovetchi

      CSVD - http://www.csvd.ro/

      From: prague <360cities@...>
      To: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sat, October 30, 2010 10:16:55 PM
      Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Hundreds of Aerial 360`s

      Yeah, I like it too. Sure, the viewer is awful by "our standards" but who cares?
      Remember also that this is a huge project - hundreds of panos - so you might
      lose that hand-crafted quality in exchange for, well, having hundreds of aerial
      panos with map and hotspots :)

      I noticed also that the panos load extremely fast. No watching the progress bar
      - from here, anyway. No one on this list ever seems to complain about that when
      viewing each other's panos, but this is for sure one of the biggest factors in
      keeping/losing visitors to a web page (and this has been measured in tenths of

      The panos also are a bit too contrasty for my taste - but they do "pop", that's
      for sure.


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