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44912RE: [PanoToolsNG] new jpeg alternative

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  • Mark D. Fink
    Oct 1, 2010
      There. Feel better? :o)



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      > Subject: Re: [PanoToolsNG] new jpeg alternative
      > This is an absurd, pointless move. Besides marginal compression
      > efficiency improvements (and for low-resolution stills, even 30% is
      > marginal - we're not exactly starved for bandwidth and struggling to
      > load JPEGs these days are we?), this new format offers nothing but
      > confusion. A poorly defined metadata strategy; likewise for color
      > management. No new features - hell, not even alpha channel support. No
      > 16 bit or greater bit depths. Based on a container format with
      > basically no track record in still imaging. A fucking limit of
      > 16383x16383 in the year 2010 (no doubt extensible later, but why the
      > hell would anyone conceive of an image format with such a modest pixel
      > dimension limit).EXCLUSIVELY 4:2:0 YUV color space. WTF.
      > Wow, this has put me in a bad mood. Google knows fuckall about the
      > needs of the imaging world.
      > If we must have a replacement for standard JPEG, Microsoft's (yes,
      > Microsoft) JPEG EXR is a fantastic format, well thought out and
      > forward thinking. WebP is a rehash of 1990's file formats, with
      > marginally better compression - the *least* interesting thing in a new
      > digital image file format.
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