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4453Fuji S2 for sale

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  • Robert C. Fisher
    Dec 3, 2006
      Hello all
      I am trying to clean out stuff that I no longer use and I have a Fuji
      S2 Camera body I would like to sell. The body is in good shape clean
      and well kept. Some scratches due to use but in very good condition.
      Also included are the strap, 2 battery trays, 2 sets of NiMH AA
      batteries with charger. I have upgraded and need to find a new home
      for this camera. It's a little noisy but still takes great images
      which I prefer over the new camera, Nikon D200, but I prefer the
      speed and sharpness of the new camera. This is a good camera to start
      with if you want to moveup or need a second camera body for not much
      money. I would like $400 USD for it plus I will include any
      accessories I have for it like the AC power supply, firewire cable
      etc. I think this body is about 2.5 years old and replaced another S2
      which got damaged.

      Please contact me off list bob@...

      Robert C. Fisher
      VR Photography/Cinematography