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4424Re: [PanoToolsNG] Computer generated panos

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  • Pat Swovelin
    Dec 1, 2006
      Fabio Bustamante wrote:
      > Hello everybody,
      > While digging into old things (specially old backup cds) I found
      > something I would like to share with you - some computer generated pano
      > I made at university. Here's the link:
      > www.fabiobustamante.com.br/tfg/

      I like the concept of user changeable architecture.

      After all of your work why did you drop everything and pick up a
      camera? Did it make your Dad flip out (after sending you through
      architect school)? =8^)

      > For those interested, some background:
      > Before I became a photographer I graduated as an architect. That was 3-4
      > years ago. At the time I was a panorama toddler (I think I was still
      > considering buying a fisheye) but my 'knowledge' was enough for me to
      > create some virtual panos. These are virutal panos of my 'Final
      > Graduation Project', i.e. the project that is the final test for the
      > architecture student.
      > At the time I decided to create a residential apartment with a different
      > desing, as a critic to the unbelievably monotonous and designless
      > brazilian apartment buildings that keep popping nonstop in our cities.
      > The apartment consists basically of 6 similar sized spaces - one being
      > the kitchen, the rest being 'wildcard' ambients that could be used as
      > bedrooms, library, office, TV room, etc. Five huge folding wooden doors
      > could be opened and closed to isolate each ambient thus creating radical
      > - and everyday - changes in the apartment. The kitchen in the heart of
      > the apartment relates to the brazilian strong habit of spending a lot of
      > time at the kitchen, even with friends and guests.
      > I also included 2 images of the facade of the building. For the project
      > I created a precast facade system composed of 4 different pieces that
      > were intended to produce an apparent randomness. These concrete pieces
      > would also define an unique wardrobes layout for each apartment.
      > The panos were created with 3d Studio by rendering the 6 faces of a cube
      > for each scene. Each face has 900x900 pixels and still it used to take
      > more than an hour to render each pano in my old Pentium III 500.
      > Hope you enjoy it!
      > All the best,
      > Fabio.

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large
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