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4422Computer generated panos

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  • Fabio Bustamante
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Hello everybody,

      While digging into old things (specially old backup cds) I found
      something I would like to share with you - some computer generated pano
      I made at university. Here's the link:


      For those interested, some background:

      Before I became a photographer I graduated as an architect. That was 3-4
      years ago. At the time I was a panorama toddler (I think I was still
      considering buying a fisheye) but my 'knowledge' was enough for me to
      create some virtual panos. These are virutal panos of my 'Final
      Graduation Project', i.e. the project that is the final test for the
      architecture student.

      At the time I decided to create a residential apartment with a different
      desing, as a critic to the unbelievably monotonous and designless
      brazilian apartment buildings that keep popping nonstop in our cities.

      The apartment consists basically of 6 similar sized spaces - one being
      the kitchen, the rest being 'wildcard' ambients that could be used as
      bedrooms, library, office, TV room, etc. Five huge folding wooden doors
      could be opened and closed to isolate each ambient thus creating radical
      - and everyday - changes in the apartment. The kitchen in the heart of
      the apartment relates to the brazilian strong habit of spending a lot of
      time at the kitchen, even with friends and guests.

      I also included 2 images of the facade of the building. For the project
      I created a precast facade system composed of 4 different pieces that
      were intended to produce an apparent randomness. These concrete pieces
      would also define an unique wardrobes layout for each apartment.

      The panos were created with 3d Studio by rendering the 6 faces of a cube
      for each scene. Each face has 900x900 pixels and still it used to take
      more than an hour to render each pano in my old Pentium III 500.

      Hope you enjoy it!

      All the best,

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