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4403HDR and RAW processing

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  • udedomenico
    Dec 1, 2006

      In Panotools Florian Bertzbach recommends the following steps for a
      simple and effective approach to RAW extraction:

      In the same site Eric Krause tells us about dynamic extraction fro
      RAW files:

      This information is extremely useful to me but I seem to be missing a
      very simple detail which is giving me headache in my experiments, and
      it's regarding RAW bracketed images:

      For instance in the last link I read:
      "...To determine this point draw up and down the exposure slider.

      The problem I see in my experiments is as follows:
      1] I shoot in bracketing and RAW format
      2] When I go and treat RAW files I face a serious problem with
      In fact the exposure should be fixed to say for instance 0,-2, +2.
      If I do not do that then later on when I go and merge the 3 pics
      together the results will be very poor as the dynamic range is not
      well balanced.

      If I do not blend 3 pics and I use only one then the high dynamic
      range I can achieve is good (one way or the other, especially thanks
      for the great tips in panotools).
      But some time (especially as far as I can see indoor pics, you really
      need to use bracketing)

      So to cut the long story short, if you have 3 pics (0,-2,+2) my guess
      is that the exposure value should be kept strictly 0,-2,+2 and I
      should not be playing with the exposure slider.
      Am I correct?

      Thanks in advance to you all.
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