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43923.8 spherical of Yosemite and others.

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  • greg downing
    Nov 30, 2006
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      Hi Everyone,

      I just posted a website of some very high resolution panoramas that can be
      navigated via the google maps API. This is the culmination of a few years of
      work that I have done w/ Eric Hanson, a fellow Photography/Visual Effects
      Pro. We used a PixOrb, a 1Ds Mark II and a 100mm lens to shoot ~350 images
      for the spherical panoramas, we got 3.8 gigapixels out of that
      configuration. If you reload the main page you will get one of the 5
      multi-gigapixel images that will open fullscreen or you can go into the
      gallery and select them directly. In the "Divingboard" image see if you can
      spot the climber on the face of halfdome!



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