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43310Re: Anybody heard about panorama viewer under GPL

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  • Darren
    Jul 27, 2010
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      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Bruno Postle <bruno@...> wrote:
      > On Thu 29-Jan-2009 at 22:01 +0000, Bruno Postle wrote:
      > >
      > >Both Firefox and Sun Java are GPL licensed. Gnash is a GPL flash
      > >viewer, but last time I checked Flash panoramas didn't work in
      > >Gnash.
      > Completing the list of Open Source panorama viewers:
      > Standalone viewers: panoglview, freepv, panini(pvqt)
      > Browser plugin: freepv
      > Java applet: ptviewer
      > Flash: panosalado
      > --
      > Bruno

      I hope that I am not breaking any forum rule by resurrecting this old thread, but as a 'returning newbie' it is relevant to me...

      I continue to use good old 'PTViewer' (the standalone viewer) under Linux/Ubuntu, since I have been unable to compile panoglview/freepv/panini and/or find working binaries for them for Linux/Ubuntu (specifically Linux Mint 9).

      Can anyone point me to some working binaries?

      On a somewhat related point, I was very excited to read about 'panosalado' over the last months, but I am sad that I don't see any tutorials or activity for it. From trial-and-error I have been able to use some version of it, but it would be nice for more. Does anyone have any insider info on when it will progress? AFAIK, it is the *only* free open source modern full-screen web viewer.

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