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42262Re: [PanoToolsNG] HTML5 - the true tragedy

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  • Raphaël Jacquot
    Jun 3, 2010
      On 06/04/2010 06:46 AM, blueslander wrote:
      > http://www.apple.com/html5/
      > If you are not running on Safari, don't bother clicking the link

      the fact that apple coded their demo to only work with safari, limiting
      themselves to the features they decided on, after doing their 800 pound
      gorilla to prevent a standard video Codec to be decided on in the spec
      (theora, dirac, whatever) does not show the possibilities that html5

      > This is HTML5 showcase site...

      This is *APPLE*'s showcase site, that specifically tests for "is the
      user using safari or whatever else"...

      > Maybe Adobe should sue all those who try to imitate the Flash capabilities?

      That would be like wirlpool suing someong for inventing yet another
      version of the fridge or the washing machine...
      get real

      if http://smokescreen.us/ can write a pretty good flash player in
      Javascript, Javascript is hence superior to flash player !

      so, you sir are a troll of the worst type spewing pro-flash slander...
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