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42170Ryubin Pano Player added to the Pano Comparisons list

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  • Keith Martin
    May 29, 2010
      Ryubin's Flash Panorama is now included in the Panorama Comparisons site.


      (or http://bit.ly/9l5e2R)

      Ryubin's Flash Panorama Players are free. There are different players
      for different kinds of panorama content sources; cylindrical,
      cubeface, combined 2x3 cubes, 'doughnuts' and others, and there are
      video as well as still players.
      One quirk of this player is that there's no tilt restriction when you
      reach the zenith or nadir; you can keep turning over and over.
      I make no comment on the quality of the player(s).

      My thanks to Akila Ninomiya for suggesting this. (Three other players
      were also suggested. Two of those appear to be cylindrical-only
      players. The developers of the third, JC Panorama, are currently too
      busy to build the examples for me, but I hope to have those

      This makes 19 different spherical panorama player examples. This is
      far more than I thought there would be... but does anyone know of any

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