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41422Re: spherical mirror

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  • Bruce Hemming
    May 4, 2010
      I think that the OP was mainly referring to the use of reflective
      spheres - ie pin balls, garden gazers etc - rather than one shot
      mirror systems. Those items were used to capture a fish eye scene
      for the preparation of light probes for 3D software using HDR - and I
      mean true HDR, not the debased meaning now in common usage. There
      were drawbacks of course as the scene was directional.

      Anyone who has Christian Bloch's definitive book The HDRI Handbook
      will be aware of this. It was a quick solution where the object was
      to capture the luminance range, not to produce a panoramic image. I
      think that most light probes are now captured using rotating camera
      panoramic techniques.

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