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41357Re: spherical mirror

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  • _kfj
    May 3, 2010
      Thank you all for the good advice. Following the links on the Samyang 8mm I found out that it also sells as 'Walimex pro', at around 260€ via Amazon.de (I'm in Germany)
      So that looks like a good option, never mind a bit of ghosting (might even be less problematic with an unshaved lens and 1.6 crop factor with my EOS 450D?!)
      The replies to my post which yielded links for actual mirror lenses do tempt me to try one of those, too. Having everything in one single shot would make for a great quick reference, and the more detailed shots from other lenses might then be layered onto the more interesting parts of the image where one would be likely to zoom into it. Would be nice as a really small thing on a lightweight compact device with a GPS sensor... for years I have imagined things like a little knob to stick on top of your hat that take hi-res 360° images at movie rates so you could later virtually revisit where you've been!
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