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41332AW: [PanoToolsNG] spherical mirror

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  • ptgroup
    May 3, 2010
      In addition:
      you must go down to about F16 or even smaller to get the desired DOF.
      I tried several lenses (Nikon, Sigma at 50mm) and the complete mirror
      (Panomaxx) was only sharp when shot @F16.
      This makes ist quite difficult when light is little low and ISO is an issue.
      Quality was not accaptable.
      But there was a mirror made in UK introduced in the Panoguide-forum some
      times ago.
      They got remarkable results - don´t have the thread at hand, sorry.

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      Betreff: [PanoToolsNG] spherical mirror

      Hi everybody!
      After several years of amateur panoramas from ordinary cameras and lenses
      I am considering buying a fisheye lens. But: it costs a lot of money and/or
      has chromatic aberration (at least on the edges). So I was wondering about
      spherical mirrors. They ought to be able to produce images of almost the
      whole field of view and have no CA, be lightweight and potentially even
      cheap! Has anyone out there used one (or is there a ready-made
      spherical-mirror-lens around)? And where could one find optical grade
      spherical mirrors if there are no ready-made lenses? How does one go about
      getting the view and not an image of oneself when using a spherical mirror?
      Maybe there are alternatives which aren't spherical but some other convex,
      maybe pointed, shape?

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