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40457Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Does Hugin output multilayer TIFFs?

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  • Bruno Postle
    Apr 5 4:49 PM
      On Mon 05-Apr-2010 at 00:19 -0000, Richard wrote:
      > Is there anything else I can do in terms of syntax or approach, or
      > have I hit a bug?

      Hugin hasn't supported multilayer TIFF output like this for a long
      time, I wouldn't expect it to work.

      However the .pto.mk file written by Hugin does have rules for
      creating multilayer TIFF that are not exposed in the GUI, but are
      usable on the command-line.

      e.g. if your 'normal' blended panorama is 'pano.tif', then you
      can create a multilayer version like so (i.e just add
      _multilayer.tif to the filename):

      make -f pano.pto.mk pano_multilayer.tif

      ..further, if you have bracketed stacks you can get a multilayer
      TIFF that contains both the fused stacks and each EV blended as a
      separate layer like so:

      make -f pano.pto.mk pano_fused_multilayer.tif

      (you need tiffcp installed on your system for this)

      >> Since the makefile is not called "makefile", you'd need to use
      >> make -f pano.pto.mk <other args....>

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