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3680Peleng 8mm - Reliable source

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  • blakemichaelson
    Oct 31, 2006
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      Hi - relatively new to this group - been reading all that I can on
      panos over the last couple months, this group is terrific - thanks to
      you all for such fantastic input!

      I've got a Canon 350D and, after reading as much as humanly possible
      (and doing all the requisite searching), have decided to go forward
      with purchasing a Peleng 8mm.

      My big questions remaining are:

      1) It appears as though there is a single type of Peleng 8mm with a
      whole host of different types of mounting adapters... the question -
      is there an EOS-specific version of this lens, or do I just need to
      make sure I've got the correct EOS adapter?

      2) Where do I purchase this thing? I've yet to hear positive remarks
      for any internet supplier, or ebay seller (although some have good
      ratings)... any specific dealer I could be directed towards?

      Thanks in advance,
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