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36272Re: [PanoToolsNG] oh God they're using GSV already :-(

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  • Keith Martin
    Jan 2, 2010
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      Sometime around 2/1/10 (at 01:06 -0800) Wim Koornneef said:

      >IMO, only the words above are real art ;-)

      I'll add my tuppence if that's ok, as this is an area that's not
      disconnected with what I do in my day job. ;-)

      Part of what can turn something into art is the conscious selection
      and change of context.

      Take, for example, Eugenie Scrase's 'Trunkated Trunk', which is the
      remains of a treetrunk and the metal fence it fell on. This artwork,
      the winning piece of the recent School of Saatchi reality TV show, is
      the result of seeing the thing itself, imagining it in the context of
      art rather than mundane physical object or event, and finally
      actually taking it from the original location and presenting it in
      its new context.

      Although it is fun to argue the toss of what makes art 'art', and
      also the perceived value difference between 'found' art and year-long
      painting or sculpting efforts, this was clearly the best piece of the
      whole show.

      BBC news article:

      Insightful comment responding to a slightly bitchy blog post:


      Anyway, I found the GSV-sourced artwork to be interesting and
      provocative. Selecting images and presenting them out of context in
      this way, not to mention using them to provoke debate, is a worthy
      effort. What's interesting, as well, is how this underlines the need
      to consider the artist as someone not necessarily involved in the
      original creation of the source image.

      This also raises interesting questions about copyright - but whatever
      the result of *that* debate, it doesn't change the fact that Rafman
      applied some creative thinking, selection and context-changing ideas
      in a way that, I feel, qualifies as art. Much like Marcel Duchamp did
      with his 'fountain'
      (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_%28Duchamp%29) in 1917,
      although I don't mean to drawn any kind of qualitative comparison.

      Whether you *like* what Rafman has done or not is a separate issue;
      that is a totally individual subjective thing. And whether the
      GSV-sourced work is *great* (or even good) art is yet another
      question, of course, and one I'm not about to jump into! But, again,
      I don't feel that it is *not* art.

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