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36268Re: Announcement: PTStitcherNG0.4b

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  • hd_de_2000
    Jan 2, 2010
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Bernhard Vogl <bvogl@...> wrote:

      > Speed is blazingly fast. I think i can observe a significant speed
      > increase from the -d parameter. The timings for a test panorama (8x12MP
      > images, 12000x6000 output) are:
      > - 427 sec for PTGui stitcher
      > - 77,6 sec for StitcherNG_cpu (Win95 compatible, 1 core)
      > - 17,6 sec for StitcherNG_cuda (24 times faster than PTGui, tried it
      > several times as i couldn't believe)

      The builtin timer of PTStitcherNG records the time until the last image is blended. If you use the option "-d", the final writeout to the image file is not counted, which might add 2-3sec to your result. Without "-d", the image is written as soon as the timer stops.


      Helmut Dersch
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