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35107Re: lens upgrade or Body?

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  • aaronmspence
    Dec 2, 2009
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      G'day Mike,

      A D300 + 10.5mm is essentially identical to a D700 + Nikon 16mm fullframe fisheye. Both require 6 shots around plus 1 up (and 1 down if you want to patch the nadir) The final resolution on both setups is basically the same also.

      I have both those pano rigs plus a shaved 10.5mm (permanently mounted to an 360 precision Atome ring) for shooting 4 shots around with the D700 on a pole.

      The D700 + 16mm is better than the D300 as the D700 has greater dynamic range & lower noise levels than the D300 allowing you to pull more detail from the shadows etc.

      Having said that... the cost difference between buying a 10.5 for your D300 and buying a D700 + 16mm is very significant. I don't believe it would be a worthwhile thing to do for the incremental increase in quality, unless money is no object.

      Aaron Spence
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