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35099Re: [PanoToolsNG] lens upgrade or Body?

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  • Uri Cogan
    Dec 2, 2009
      Mick wrote:

      > I have a Nikon d300 and was looking to buy a 10.5mm DX lens. I am also
      > toying with getting a D700 and wondered would my 10.5 DX lens be
      > compatible with a D700 (FX lenses) or should I just sell my D300,
      > leave the 10.5 , buy the D700 and another lens? What would the
      > equivelent lens for the D700 as I dont seem to be able to find a 10.5
      > for the FX bodies.

      The D700 lets you adjust the image area for FX or DX lenses.

      The "shaved" Nikon 10.5mm works very well with the D700. I found that
      for most panoramas I can get away with just 4 shots all around.

      The total resolution appears a little less than full-frame with the
      D300, but with the D300 you need to take 6+2 shots per panorama, and the
      results with the D700 are still excellent for web display.


      Uri Cogan

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