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34053Re: Remapping question

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  • Erik Krause
    Nov 2, 2009
      Robert Slade wrote:

      > I have a Pano2VR project with input of six cube faces of 2000x2000
      > pixels each.
      > I want to create a transformation to an angular map "little planet"
      > (circular).
      > How do I calculate the maximum resolution possible given the size of the
      > cube faces?

      Just an estimate: 2000px cube face width has the same resolution as
      6282px equirectangular width. You can do "little planet" with a 360°
      fisheye mapping which would be the same width as the equirect. It very
      much looks as if Pano2VR uses this mapping.

      However, the better mapping for "little planet" is stereographic, which
      stretches the outer regions. PTGui f.e. suggest 300° for "little planet"
      with about 14000px for a 6000px wide input equirect...

      Perhaps you find some more info following the links on

      best regards
      Erik Krause
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