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32135Re: [PanoToolsNG] Pole pano of a duck

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  • Eduardo Hutter
    Sep 2, 2009
      Great pano, I have a good laugh at it.

      /Squeak! ;)


      * panobanano wrote, On 01/09/2009 11:32 PM:
      > Well, when I went up to photograph the giant duck I didn't realize
      > how close he was to the edge. I thought I would do a standard pano
      > with my tripod etc. but for some reason I did drag along my poles and
      > boy I am glad I did. When I got there I couldn't see his glasses over
      > the beak so the the tripod idea was out. I put together my poles
      > which gives me about 12' tall on my camera which got my viewpoint up
      > high enough to see the face. It was kinda' windy so the duck was
      > shaking around and I am basically handholding and rotating the pole
      > hoping to keep it steady enough to avoid a nightmare stitch. I did
      > shoot some brackets but I was able to pull this together from just 1
      > series and made 2 exposures from the original RAW files. I did have
      > to shoot 6 around and then bring down my pole and move the camera to
      > the up position and then raise the pole back up and hoped to get it
      > close enough to the original position for the up shot. Anyway it
      > wasn't too bad just some minor retouching with the skew tool to get
      > some lines back together. I also had to reconstruct the area where I
      > was standing and remove my shadow from the duck. http://360around.com
      > <http://360around.com>
      > ronrack
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