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31Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: new forum set up

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  • Carl von Einem
    Jul 10, 2006
      not too bad... ;-)

      yuval_levy wrote:
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, de gava <wblakesx@...> wrote:
      >> For a start it would be nice to set up a faq, list of...
      > Anything else?
      > For a start, it would be nice if you would introduce yourself. I had a
      > pleasure, like the other moderators, to read that you "did some pano
      > work 6 years ago, I want to develope 'vr' skills. ". I searched for
      > "de gava" and for your email address and came across nothing vr but
      > the June 12 yahoo mail worm that infected so many YahooGroups. I don't
      > even know if "de gava" is your real name. From Google I found out that
      > you are probably in Miami and you might have written an article about
      > voting machines fraud. Hot weather, eh dude?
      > You will find an FAQ at <http://ptfaq.org/> - and there are other
      > community ressources which at the moment are... uhum... still hijacked
      > and hence I will not link them here. I am sure you can operate
      > google.com, right? and maybe structure your findings as an FAQ or a
      > list of links and share them with us?
      > Maybe I was not clear when I wrote the welcome message to this list -
      > specifically what is on topic and what is not. I've added a second
      > bullet to that message under "off topic". There is another list that
      > deals with how we want to organize ourself. Feel free to read it and
      > make yourself aquainted with the little insignificant problems that
      > this community is currently dealing with. Then make whatever
      > proposition seems sensible to you. I suspect that for the time being
      > you will not find many volunteers for your plans, but nice try anyway.
      > Yuv
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