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30358Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Laser pointers for monopod alignment

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  • Roger D. Williams
    Jul 1, 2009
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      On Thu, 02 Jul 2009 08:04:46 +0900, panovrx <panovrx@...> wrote:

      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "panovrx" <panovrx@...> wrote:
      >> > I have made a two handed camera grip for use with my laser plum bob
      >> (and general overhead handheld use)
      >> > http://www.mediavr.com/lasergrip.jpg
      >> >
      >> > The idea is you stand a little behind the laser pointer (so your
      >> stomach doesnt obstruct the beam -- motivation to not get fat) and hold
      >> the camera overhead so that the beam goes between your arms and hits
      >> the underneath of the lens. It is easy to find the beam because you are
      >> holding the camera symmetrically. It is possible to hold the beam on
      >> the required spot without too much effort to within a few mm. But you
      >> have to keep looking at it really to keep it there. So not ideal but
      >> pretty good for very accurate stitching with just a handheld grip and a
      >> laser gadget. You can take sharp shots with it down to about 1/50th.
      >> >
      > I did some tests yesterday (at a local Chinese Garden) with the laser
      > plumbbob (Dewalt)and two handed camera grip. You can see from my shadow
      > in a couple of them what's going on. There were a couple of issues but
      > generally the stitchability was very good for handheld panoramas. First
      > issue, hard to see the laser dot on the underneath of the lens when
      > looking into the sun. Second issue, I had put the laser in a camera bag
      > (so it didnt look conspicuous), and as the breeze blew it made the bag
      > move and the laser swing. Indoors, with no wind, if you concentrate hard
      > you can keep the dot right where it should be and get almost perfect
      > stitching but outdoors it is harder to do that. Here are the panoramas
      > straight as they came out of PTGui without retouching or nadir shot
      > incorporation.
      > http://www.mediavr.com/flash/chinagarden2.htm
      > http://www.mediavr.com/flash/chinagarden4.htm
      > http://www.mediavr.com/flash/chinagarden5.htm

      Wow! Very impressive demonstration of concept. Beautiful spot for panoramas
      and amazing results without either retouching or nadir fixing.

      I was letting alll this "laser this and that" go past me, thinking all
      the while "not for me..." but now I think I'll have to check it out.
      Especially as I prefer handheld to monopod and monopod to tripod. I
      guess it would be more difficult for panoramas that require more shots
      to square the circle--like the 10.5mm Nikor on my Fujifilm S5 Pro,
      which requires six around plus up and/or down...

      Roger W.

      Work: www.adex-japan.com
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