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30335Re: [PanoToolsNG] help with the right software for my mac?

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  • crane@ukonline.co.uk
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Quoting Chris Burck <chris.burck@...>:

      > ok, bruno kindly provided the url for the complete list of hugin
      > downloads, which could not seem to navigate to. now i need to ask
      > which of the options do i want? there is a link for
      > hugin-0.6.1_mac-tools.tar.gz, another for hugin-0.6.1.tar.bz, and
      > another for HuginOSX-v061_build2.dmg a universal binary. this last
      > one seems like it would use more drive space than a native ppc
      > version. so if i can use the first one, apparently a tarball version
      > (haven't figured what that means yet), then i guess that would my
      > preference. can anyone offer any guidance? thanks again.

      a tarball is like a furball all wrapped up tight. like a zip file.

      .gz as I understand it is additionally compressed so
      gunzip hugin-0.6.1_mac-tools.tar.gz
      gives hugin-0.6.1_mac-tools.tar
      tar xvf hugin-0.6.1_mac-tools.tar



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