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  • Erik Krause
    Oct 2, 2006
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      On Monday, October 02, 2006 at 15:14, Sacha Griffin wrote:

      > "I simply optimize them and the result is much better afterwards. For
      > a digital camera with a fixed focal length lens optimization of per
      > image d and e parameters might not be necessary. For our D70 they are
      > pretty constant at about 13 and 9 pixels..."
      > However, remember everyone just because you can get your average pixel error
      > down, doesn't mean your stitch is better. Optimization is an imaginary set of
      > distortion points supposedly matched to a set of images.

      I mean the stitch of course, not the average error (speaking of
      scanned images). The mentioned d and e parameters for the D70 where
      the result when creating a batch stitching template in a room paved
      with post-it stickers. 1514 control points where evenly distributed
      throughout all overlaps and of course I looked here more for the
      stitching and less for the pixel error (although the pixel error *is*
      a measure if you have enough well distributed points and you
      repeatedly optimize and use APCLean)...

      best regards

      Erik Krause
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