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  • Erik Krause
    Oct 2, 2006
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      On Monday, October 02, 2006 at 10:44, JD Smith wrote:

      > How commonly do people find they need to allow non-zero d and e parameters

      always and individual for each image. Stitching of scanned images
      would be much worse without.

      > (which change the center of the radial aberration coefficients a, b, and c)
      > for rectilinear lenses?

      Not only for rectilinear lenses, for all kinds in fact. And not only
      for the center of a, b and c correction but for the complete lens
      remapping. However, they are not so much needed for longer focal
      length lenses...

      > How large of a shift is typical? Does anyone have
      > recommendations for good test images to assess whether d and e should be
      > nonzero (standard "building at a distance"?).

      I simply optimize them and the result is much better afterwards. For
      a digital camera with a fixed focal length lens optimization of per
      image d and e parameters might not be necessary. For our D70 they are
      pretty constant at about 13 and 9 pixels...

      best regards
      Erik Krause
      Resources, not only for panorama creation:
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