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2944Re: [PanoToolsNG] Flat pano(zoomify)comments please?

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  • Roger Howard
    Oct 2, 2006
      On Mon, October 2, 2006 12:25 am, Flemming V. Larsen wrote:
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      > From: "Bjørn K Nilssen" <
      > :
      > -------zip -------
      >>... Do you know of any other viewers for large images, similar to
      >> Zoomify? Although it seems to work ok it's always nice to know the
      >> alternatives..
      > Hi Bjørn,
      > In my PS CS there is an export format called Viewpoint which seems to work
      > in a similar way as Zoomify.
      > But I couldn't find much info about it on their website www.viewpoint.com
      > -
      > The current Viewpoint Media Player looks more like a 3D plugin.

      Viewpoint Media Player is (was) a really neat player years back; I know I
      was working with it at least 5, if not 6, years ago when it was known as
      the MetaStream Player (from the same guys who brought us Bryce, Canoma,

      It has had a powerful 3D engine from the start, and had a modular system
      of media handlers that could be loaded on the fly to enable lots of
      different functionality, formats, etc. Even 6 years ago the sucker was
      fast for 3D, and could do some really neat composite multimedia, like
      mapping Flash to 3D surfaces.

      It's a shame it didn't get bought up by Macromedia for inclusion into
      Flash, but at the time it was more competitive with Shockwave for
      Director. For 2D zoomable images I don't think it's nearly as compelling
      as Flash, simply because Flash is Flash. For any other use I'm just amazed
      it's still around - it definitely doesn't have the kind of support we'd
      hoped for back when!

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