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2933Panorama Construction, Photo Enhancement

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  • mai_ph_ph
    Oct 2, 2006

      We are a dynamic company that specializes in graphics
      editing particularly in Panorama Construction (stitching pictures to
      create 180 degrees & 360 degrees panorama images), Photo
      Enhancements and Virtual Tours. We support Photographers and
      Companies by processing their images. Savakn has produced thousands
      of Virtual Tours for Realty Estates, Commercial and Entertainment
      Industries in the United States of America. We have enhanced and
      built tours of homes, hotels, apartment complexes, vacant property
      lots, restaurants, commercial buildings, golf courses, city
      locations, and even automobile interiors!

      We stitch images with 20, 10, 8, 7, 6, 2, and fish-
      eye images and have the software and expertise to handle your needs.
      Our workforce went through extensive training to provide excellence
      and high quality of tours. Our service includes FTP Access with
      password and safety protocols to transfer your pictures and we back-
      up your completed panos on CD's. We have a very quick turn-around of
      tours if you upload your images at night, you will have the finished
      panos and stills before breakfast since our company is 15 hours
      behind your west coast time.

      Find herewith our prices for your reference. Processing fee is
      negotiable and may vary depends on the work needed for the images.


      Panorama Construction
      $ 2.00 per view

      Still Images Enhancement
      $ 0.25 per still

      Here are some of the testimonials of our clients:

      "I was the Area Manager for a nationally know virtual tour company
      for 4 years and thought we produced the best tours until I started
      using Savakn Panos to process my own tours and stills. Their Quality
      is the absolute best and their service and turnaround times can't be
      beat. I highly recommend Savakn as your virtual tour processing

      Hank Miller

      "You are the top processors as far as I am concerned. Your customer
      service with your timely processing of virtual tours and slide shows
      for the past many years for me has surpassed all my expectations.
      My tours are always clear, clean and you can see out the windows in
      every scene. It has been and will continue to be a great experience
      to work with you on all my virtual tours"
      Thanks for all your help.

      Visions Virtual Tours

      Thank you very much and we sincerely hope this will be the start of
      a mutually beneficial relationship. Feel free to email us at
      savakn@... for more inquiries. Visit our website

      Marianne N. Hernandez Ramses C.

      Proprietor – Operations Proprietor –
      Sales & Marketing

      (63) 920-6170259
      (63) 920-2788121
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