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28804Re: [PanoToolsNG] Stereo-3D Anaglyph Panoramas

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  • Roger D. Williams
    Apr 30, 2009
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      On Fri, 01 May 2009 14:06:05 +0900, Wim Koornneef
      <wim.koornneef@...> wrote:

      > Hello Roger,
      > I will try to answer your qustions.

      Much appreciated. Fast, too!

      > A1) I shot the images with 2 cameras mounted on a bar that is mountedon
      > a Seitz VR drive, a Canon 5D+shaved Tokina 10-17@12,4mm and a Canon
      > EOS450D+Sigma8 f3.5. The stereobase is approx. 82mm.

      You mean you used two different cameras and lenses for the stereo
      pair? I have two cameras to use with my two different lenses, but
      thought this would be unusable for stereo panoramas. Or do you mean
      you have a pair of Canon 5Ds AND a pair of Canon EOS450s? With
      matching lenses? If so, WOW! I have a Fuji S5 Pro and Nikon D300.

      > With one camera it only takes more time, and it is a little more
      > difficult
      > because you must be very carefull not to move the tripod but is very well
      > possible. The advantage of using one camera is the fact that the
      > stereobase
      > can be set to a smaller distance so it is possible to shoot closer to
      > objects.

      Yes, I see that, and it accords with my own long-ago experience...

      > A2) I always remove CA and fringing in the source images (with Adobe
      > Camera
      > Raw) and what is left is not giving any problem in the 3D output.

      When I said "stubborn" I meant purple fringes that had resisted my
      attempts to remove them. Hopefully the remaining fringes will not be
      enough to affect the 3D output. I do always try to remove them at
      the RAW image level...

      > A3) There are several ColorCode 3-D applications, the one I use
      > "ColorCode
      > 3-D Editor 4 PC" costs 69 euro including VAT. There is also a Mac version
      > but this app is not suited for large images (I tried it and the helpdesk
      > confirmed that is only suited for small images) and therefore I run the
      > PC app in Parallels with XP on my MacBookPro.

      Thank you. Being in Japan I escape European VAT! But I get clobbered
      with Post and Packing charges.

      > Apart from the purple fringeing, I thought that ColorCode 3D images
      > were much better than red/cyan analglyphs for people who come
      > across them without stereo glasses.
      > A4) In theory this is true, in practice it depends on the shift of
      > farpoints
      > between the left and right images, when the shift is small then indeed
      > the
      > images are, compared to red/cyan anaglyphs, better to look but when the
      > shift is large they are just as ugly without a viewer (take a look at the
      > stereo base distance comparison at 10 mm and 62 mm and it is clear what I
      > mean).

      Yes, after writing to you I visited your site again and looked at all of
      the 3D images. The first ones I had looked at must be among the least
      affected, the least "ugly." I see now that there is not a great deal of
      difference or advantage on either side. I was hoping I could sell my
      clients on using ColorCode 3D by telling them non-stereo viewing would
      not be significantly degraed but I see that this is untrue. Too bad!

      Thanks for the helpful reply, Wim. When their webshop spring cleaning is
      done I will get the Windows PC software.

      Using a bar with two cameras necessarily means that both cannot be
      revolving about their non-parallax points. Do you find that greatly
      affects stitching, generating errors in the final panorama?

      Roger W.

      Work: www.adex-japan.com
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