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28053Re: Mini Point and Shoot Cameras

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  • Paul Fretheim
    Apr 3, 2009
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com
      > <mailto:PanoToolsNG%40yahoogroups.com>, "Hans Nyberg" <hans@...> wrote:

      > Ricoh has the Capillo 100 and the newer 200 with 24mm and extra option
      > for 19mm
      > I have the older 100 which has everything manual you can wish
      > including manual focus but unfortunately RAW is very slow. 6 sec
      > before next shot. The lens is sharp and very little distortion but
      > noise is high if you shoot anything above 100ISO
      > http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Ricoh/
      > <http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Ricoh/>

      Thank you Hans. I will receive a Nikon S 710 today. It's widest
      setting is 28 mm, and it will require a firmware update if it is to
      record in RAW mode. I haven't found such an upgrade yet.

      I had a Fujifilm Finepix F100fd for a week or so, but returned it
      because the "manual mode" in the product descriptions did not include
      exposure control, which made it unusable as far as I was concerned for
      pano work. Also there was an unacceptable amount of noise in most
      images, and the higher iso settings (up to 6400) were terribly noisy.

      If the Nikon proves unworkable now I have another option - the Ricoh
      cameras that I had not considered. I was just reading a review of the
      Ricoh Caplio GX200 and it looks like an interesting camera. The
      Fujifilm model was $163, after rebate. The Nikon was $251 at Adorama.
      The Ricoh is $499. The detachable viewfinder of the Caplio GX200 is an
      intriguing feature. It attaches to the flash shoe and the image is
      through the lens, but transmitted electronically from the sensor, not
      via a mirror.

      One reviewer of the Caplio GX200 remarked that all SLR cameras should
      use this technology and do away with the vibration and noise of a mirror
      permanently. Sounds like a good idea.

      The description of the Caplio GX200 also referred to a 19 mm capability
      in the correction features of the firmware. There may be an optional
      lens of some kind that goes to 19 mm, I haven't researched that yet.

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