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26633Re: Panorama from Google Earth

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  • klroost
    Feb 3, 2009
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      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, AYRTON <avi@...> wrote:

      > Hello Hans and Caroling
      > I've installed "Little Snitch" and it tells me all the time wich
      > is trying to get inside my computer :-(
      > So I have the choice to ALLOW or to DENY
      > That's what I did with Google; "deny" :-)
      > Best
      > AYRTON
      I have run little snitch for quite awhile now, great app.
      I just wanted to point out, little snitch does not tell you you who is
      trying to get into your computer. It actually tells you about the
      software that is already intstalled, and where that software is trying
      to communictate with. I know its a small difference, but an important
      one(for me at least)
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