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  • Chris Thomas
    Feb 2, 2009
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      I raised concerns about Google's "fine print" 18 months ago.

      Some people on this list laughed it off as alarmist.

      Google is a "Mega Corporation", just starting to Flex it's muscles.

      They've been caught playing "fast and loose" in book authors rights.

      Photographers should not expect any better.

      Here's a link to understand what has happened in the book world!


      My personal feeling is that Google is no place for "art" anyway.

      If the work being posted is strictly "documentary" or "discriptive" it's
      probably not much of a rise to go with them.

      If it's a valued creation... perhaps more caution should be used and it
      shouldn't go on Google.

      It's an individual call... whether it's worth it to you.

      For the right business plan it might not matter.

      Chris Thomas


      cell... 604-649-5352


      In North America


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      hi all!

      i have/had some problems with this issue:
      (some of you will remember the 2007 pt meeting excursion location... ;-) )

      as this pano is to be reprinted together with a how-to workshop in my
      upcoming book about digital panoramic photography as an example in the
      chapter "panos from 3d software" i was forced to get in touch with
      google copyright issues.

      for that i studied the terms and conditions of google / google earth in
      depth (be aware that copyright issues are not only dealing with google,
      but with numerous subcontractors of them, where they buy the satellite
      image material! sometimes they're a lot!).

      as you're have to remove the original copyright markup to be able to
      stitch the screenshots together properly this is the first copyright
      infringement when you look at it in a legal precise way.

      so the minimum requirement is to remount a copyright markup back in the
      finished pano as i did on the nadir.

      from this point of view the seoul pano quoted by willy would not stand a
      legal judgement about copyright markup at all as there is no copyright
      markup in the pano itself. (only a hint to the creator of the pano)

      another point of view i can imagine to be relevant is the 360cities
      platform which is using google stuff itself which is to be assume
      absolutely legal as a correct use of the api. perhaps this has an
      influence of the material shown inside this platform which could keep
      that away from legal complaints from google's point of view. but i'm
      very uncertain about that.

      the other point of view is weather it's a commercial use or not.

      most of the published google earth panos in the web can be regarded as
      technical proofs of concept made just for fun and not as a commercial
      reusing or commercial derivative work based on copyrighted material from
      google and/or its subcontractors.

      as the judgement about this special case with tghe pano in my book is
      pending and we're waiting for a final judgement from the editors legal
      advisors all i said above can only be regarded as my personal opninion
      and an estimation about this issue without any warranty. just to think

      as you see this stuff a bit complicated and cannot be seen as relaxed as
      some people do.

      at google it's mandatory to check precisely what's allowed with their
      materials and techniques and what is not. a fairly good example is the
      free use of map snippets on your website, but not inside local
      applications as aldo's proof of concept of the google map geotagging
      application running in adobe bridge

      just my 2 cent ;-)


      erik leeman schrieb:
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      > > Old Old news
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      > > Hans
      > I know, I know, and I think so does Willy.
      > Even so, thanks for the history lesson Hans : )
      > Next time I discuss a new car I'll remind everyone how very old and
      > boring the automobile-concept is, who actually invented, designed and
      > made the first cars, and how many have been made since then. I'm sure
      > everyone will be very interested!
      > Still, I think these GoogleEarth panoramas (I even made some myself
      > back then) cannot be published unless permission is granted by the
      > copyright owners of the source material. So my question is: is it allowed?
      > Erik

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