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  • Ken Warner
    Jan 6, 2009
      Did you even read what you just wrote? You just disparaged
      "...that would be most of them."

      Amazing how it's always someone else that is at fault...

      Andrew Crawford wrote:
      > Ken Warner wrote:
      >>Be wary of "Web Designers" Try and find someone you can trust.
      >>Probably a high school student -- do you have high schools?
      > There are a lot of a people offering their services as "web designers"
      > who lack the skills necessary to develop good web sites. In fact, in my
      > experience, that would be most of them. Most business people think they
      > know about developing web sites but, they just don't. So, the web is
      > full of crappy sites that don't meet the business goals of the companies
      > they represent. Worse, no one involved even knows why, if they are
      > aware of it at all.
      > However, I can't say I've met a lot of high school students with the
      > skills to do a professional job of it, either.
      > A broad array of skills are needed to build a good site, including
      > graphic design skills, information organization ("information
      > architecture") skills, marketing savvy, and technical skills. Someone
      > with the appropriate skills will have heard of QTVR and, will have some
      > idea of what to do with it.
      > Professional-grade help may not be needed to resolve this specific issue
      > but, please don't disparage an entire profession based on your
      > experience with the charlatans.
      > Andrew Crawford
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